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Paul J. Allen

Filmmaker & Editor


About Paul:

Paul J. Allen's approach of meshing different styles of editing as well as looking at the processes as more of a puzzle game than hard work pushed him to work on many projects. Paul works to edit a piece that will tell a story, that will be understood and will entertain. Paul and the rest of his class at Ringling College of Art and Design were featured on ABC channel 7 news due to the sophomore films they created during the difficult conditions of covid that were delt to Paul and his fellow classmates. This lead to Paul working as the editor for several videos showcasing the Sarasota National Cemetery that is now on their website. Currently, Paul is working on editing a project at Ringling, which involves the brand Pepsi. He is also working on editing together a narrative short film that is a comedic 80s style monster flic. 

Demo Reel

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